Why do people play online slots games?

Even most casino owners will admit, if you ask them, that the chances of winning big on a slot machine are pretty remote. If you play for a moderate amount of time, you’ll probably have a few small wins, but if you wanted to win that same amount of money you could normally raise it just as easily by placing a mid-level stake on a sure-thing sports bet. Slots are, in many ways, the least likely casino game to see you walking away with a decent win, so the question must be: Why do people play them?

And play them they do. If you look at the average casino hosted on a site like Max, the vast majority of the games there are slots. To be blunter, if you added together the total of the roulette, poker, baccarat, blackjack and bingo games at any casino and multiplied it by ten, the number would usually be lower than the total number of slots that casino was offering. So it stands to reason that these are popular games, and we are back with the initial question: why?

It’s fun

This is a pretty persuasive reason. If you were to go to the cinema this evening and stopped for a meal before the showing, you’d probably spend more than you would put into an evening of slots gaming. And you might have just watched a really bad film, and you’d have to get home. Added to that, there is zero chance that anyone at that cinema would have come up and put a bunch of money in your wallet. Playing slots at an online casino means you can skip the traffic and have some uncomplicated fun that can stop when you want to, and you might come out with a win at the end of it all.

It’s more complex than spin-and-win

There’s an image people get in their heads of slots games, which involves pressing a button to spin the reels, which then settle in a pattern, and you either win or lose. Modern slots are increasingly a lot more intricate than that and offer an interesting gaming experience. A few bonuses on the reels can send you into a bonus minigame where you need to use skill or at least make some guesses to increase the amount of your bonus. Ally that to the graphics and enjoyable theming of modern slots, and it’s a lot like playing a reasonably simple video game.

You don’t need to study to play them

If you’re not a frequent casino player, then words like “Ante”, “Voisins”, “Push” and “Flop” will largely go over your head, and you certainly won’t know what to do about any of them when they happen in a game. Yes, you can be experienced, poised and good at poker, but that means you can also be inexperienced and bad at poker, and you will spend a lot of money for the privilege of being taught that. An online slot lays it out there for you – you may well lose, as you may with poker, but you’ll know why and what happened. And, as you control the game, you can step away at the moment of your choosing, rather than being harangued by a digital croupier.

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