French Roulette Strategy

Roulette remains one of the most beloved forms of gambling, despite its reputation as an unpredictable game without strategy. There are, however, various strategies you can employ to increase your odds of victory and increase the chance of victory.

Opt for European/French roulette when possible, as this version features La Partage and En Prison rules which offer half of your even money bets back when the wheel lands on 0. This helps reduce the house edge by nearly 1.35 %.


Experienced roulette players often prefer French tables because they provide the lowest house edge. This is due to using a single-zero wheel and offering special rules such as La Partage which gives even-money bets another chance if the ball lands in one of the green pockets.

French roulette games allow players to place what’s known as Full Complete Bets. These bets combine all types of inside bets on one number and provide high-rollers with an effective strategy – but it should be noted that these bets require them to risk large sums and often max out table limits; hence it is crucial that they familiarize themselves with payouts and odds associated with these bets before engaging.


French roulette’s rules differ significantly from European roulette, yet many don’t realize the distinction. This can cause confusion as some of the pockets on the wheel correspond with different table boxes; and many words and numbers written in French add further confusion to proceedings.

French roulette offers a lower house edge than European roulette and features several exclusive rules to further reduce it. One such rule gives even-odd bets another chance when the ball hits a single zero pocket – this provides significant advantages over standard European roulette games where all losing bets automatically lose when their ball hits this pocket.

Call bets allow players to place wagers by calling out their bet to the dealer, offering 1-to-1 returns if successful and potentially helping you to outwit casinos.


Gambling enthusiasts of any stripe will likely enjoy playing French roulette, whether online or at a physical casino. This roulette variant provides the lowest house edge compared to American and European games due to the wheel used omitting an additional green pocket; thus decreasing odds for straight up bets considerably.

Furthermore, the house edge in online roulette is further diminished by the “la partage” rule, which returns half of even-money bets when the ball lands on 0. This rule reduces house advantage to 1.35 percent compared with 1.7% found in other variations of roulette. Players should however avoid betting strategies that use martingale betting tactics which double your bet after each loss – this can result in large financial losses over time.


European and French Roulette share many similarities when it comes to wheel layout, betting options, and numbers; however, they vary slightly in two ways. One way is the La Partage rule which lets you reclaim half your bet if the ball hits zero pocket; secondly some versions offer different payouts and odds for even money bets.

Split bets pay 17:1, while straight bets offer 35-1 odds. Other popular bets are street and corner bets that cover four numbers on the grid, and Voisins du Zero bets that span from 22-25 numbers; plus some online casinos provide finale bets that pay less but may help double your stake in half the time!

Table layout

As a beginner to roulette, the table layout may initially appear complicated; but once you understand its various betting options and become familiar with them, placing bets will become simpler. Inside bets involve selecting either an exact pocket number, or small range of pockets closest to the wheel based on proximity; outside bets involve larger positional groupings of pockets or colors, with payout odds determined by probability.

French Roulette’s table layout resembles that of European roulette in that the number grid runs horizontally across the table and outside bets are organized in two rows. Dozen bets are represented by boxes marked “P12 (Premiere douzaine or first dozen) through D12 (Derniere douzaine or last dozen), with other bets being called simply bets.

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