A Guide to Poker Accessories

Poker accessories can make the game more enjoyable, such as chip sets, card shufflers and table accessories. These make an excellent addition to any home poker game!

This set includes 500 blank chips with white, black, red, and blue denominations as well as a molded organization tray and an aluminum carrying case.


If you are an avid poker player, investing in a table made of durable materials with a fixed dealer position could be wise. Such tables come in different styles such as oval, round and octagonal options at prices ranging from $200-1,500.

Some poker tables come equipped with built-in cup holders designed to keep drinks out of the way while players are playing, usually the size of a pint glass and easily removable for cleaning purposes.

With basic woodworking skills and two large sheets of plywood or MDF, some basic woodworking tools, screws, bolts, nails, spray adhesive, duct tape and wood glue you can build your own poker table for much less than it would cost to buy one. To do this you will require screws, bolts nails and spray adhesive as well as spray adhesive spray tape and wood glue – plus two large sheets to use as base.


Chips are an integral component of poker. Their use makes the game simpler, reduces theft risks, and makes exchanging denominations convenient; furthermore, there are various colors and designs of chips available that can be tailored specifically to individual players.

There are various kinds of poker chips, each distinguished by the materials it is constructed from. Plastic supermarket chips are generally the cheapest and lightest option; ceramic, clay composite, or composite/ceramic options provide more durability with better feel than plastic counterparts and hot stamping allows customization capabilities. A high-quality set will feature a metal case capable of holding up to 1000 chips while also including pockets for cards – even though heavy, this case is still the ideal way to transport and store them!


Cup holders are useful poker accessories that help to keep beverages out of the playing area and don’t disrupt game play, while creating less clutter in your playing space. They can be purchased separately or included with a table purchase.

Poker night wouldn’t be complete without some delicious cold beers, but accidentally spilling drinks onto the poker table surface could spell disaster. A drinks trolley or drop box are ideal solutions, while certain tables feature built-in cup holders as an additional safety measure.

Fixed dealer positions and chip trays are also often found on some poker tables, which come in handy for keeping spare chips and cards organized as well as determining the number of players and seating arrangements at the table. Poker tables with set dealer positions make an ideal way for teams of people to play together or hosting large parties.

Dealer buttons

Dealer buttons are one of the more frequent additions to a poker chip set and they provide both advantages and disadvantages as poker accessories. Dealer buttons help keep games running smoothly by informing all players who act first on each betting round; additionally, they are useful in games without a designated dealer.

However, the button can become an unnecessary source of drama if players aren’t careful when handling it. While trying to be helpful, many will move it one position over at the end of each hand, which disrupts game flow and can create unnecessary turmoil.

The dealer button in a poker game is a small disc used to indicate who deals the cards during each hand. It usually moves around after every hand is dealt; however, depending on its rules it could stay put at one seat until then. Sometimes it may even be modified further to indicate secondary details about a game such as whether or not it involves killing pots.

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